Quik Heal™ is produced by S&W Veterinary Products Inc. 
President Robert L Schwebel - Veterinarian
Vice President Bob Patton - Chemical engineer 
Secretary-Treasurer  Stewart Williams - NASA Engineer

Equine applications for Quik Heal™ include non-suture-able wounds, thrush, fungal skin infections, external ear infections, and many more.

Quik Heal™ has proven effective in dogs in the treatment of wounds, hotspots, fungal skin infections, external ear infections, and more. Its use in cats has proven effective in ruptured abscesses, ringworm, and ear infections.

Quik Heal is a completely new inorganic, non-toxic, veterinary product and has been field tested for ten years by Dr. Schwebel, other local veterinarians and animal owners.


Description: The active ingredient in Quik Heal™ is a microcrystalline form of Magnesium Aluminum Hydrochloride. The base material is blended in a formulation containing Titanium Dioxide, Red food Color#3 and Water. The preparation is intended for topical use only , however accidently ingested by animals licking will not result in any problems.

Actions: By virtue of the active ingredient, Quik Heal™ provides a protective barrier and is an effective, broad spectrum, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-yeast disinfectant. Laboratory tests have found it to be 99.5% effective against Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and E coli bacteria.

Indications: Quik Heal™ is effective in non-suturable wounds, a variety of skin lesions (ie. hot spots), and ear infections in horses, dogs, and cats.

Warnings: The product is intended for use in horses, dogs, and cats only. Use in human food chain animals is NOT recommended. Testing also has not been performed on pregnant animals. However, the non-systemic inorganic nature of the ingredients does not lead one to believe there would be a problem.

Precautions: Due to a Ph of 9, it is recommended that eye contact be avoided. No allergenic skin sensitivity, (i.e. rashes, irritation or swelling) has been noted in ten years of field testing. Side effects – none.

Dosage and administration: Shake well before using. Daily application is recommended for open wounds and other skin lesions in horses, dogs, and cats. Daily cleansing with water or other appropriate cleansing solutions for an open wound or sore is recommended before applying the daily application of Quik Heal™. When applying to ears, dilute the Quik Heal™ 50-50 with water and administer to ear with an eye dropper. The ear should be massaged after application to ensure passage down into the ear canal.

How Supplied: Quik Heal™ is supplied in 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles.


Below is an documented display of the healing process over a ninety day period in another equine use. As you can see, the Quik Heal™ treatment can heal even some of the most severe wounds.

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Dr. Schwebel: 
Our filly received a fairly severe cut on her left rear leg when she was about two months old. The medicine used on her cut healed it fairly quickly (about two weeks.) I think it would have been quicker, but she was growing every day and with minimal scarring.

Calvin Shiflet - Clute Texas


Dr. Schwebel: 
I am sending this note in regards to our horse "Shoo" with the infected wound on her ankle that was so bad. Thanks to the miracle cream, she has healed completely in only a few weeks. That cream is AMAZING!!

Ben & Jan Hudson - Angleton, Texas


Order your bottle of QuikHeal™ today, and see how fast your pet will be feeling better! No more biting at hot spots. Sores and cuts will practically disappear. Ear infections will be a thing of the past.

Quik Heal™ is a wonderful way to show your love for your pet.

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